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Let’s talk about sump pump installation & repair Schaumburg IL

Some of you may be wondering why you need a sump pump. The reason is simple: to protect your home and property from flooding due to heavy rain or snowmelt.

Without a sump pump, your basement or crawlspace could fill up with water and cause serious damage to the foundation of your home and the belongings inside.

How It Works

A sump pump works by collecting excess water and pumping it away from your home before it does any damage. The most common type of sump pump is a submersible pump, which sits in the bottom of a sump basin and pumps water out through pipes. 

These pumps run on electricity and are triggered by a float switch or pressure sensor when water reaches a certain level.

Whether you own a home or manage a business, having a reliable sump pump is key. But what happens when your sump pump stops working? Don’t worry—it happens to most of us!

Here are nine (9) of the most common problems experienced with sump pumps and how to fix them.

Sump Pump Lost Power

The first thing you should do if your sump pump loses power is check your circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, reset it and see if that solves the problem. If not, then there could be an issue with your outlet or wiring. In this case, you should call an electrician for help.

Sump Pump Not Running

If your sump pump isn’t running at all, it could be due to a broken float switch which prevents the pump from turning on until water reaches a certain level in the pit.

You can check the switch by unplugging it from the power source and checking it with a multimeter set to ohms (Ω). 

If it’s no longer functioning, you will need to replace the switch with one that has similar specs as your original model.

Clogged Hoses or Pipes

When it comes to sump pump installation & repair Schaumburg IL, clogs are one of the most common issues, and luckily they’re also one of the simplest to fix.

Clogs can happen when dirt and debris accumulate in the sump pit, which can cause the pump to struggle and eventually fail. If the blockage is severe enough, it can even prevent water from entering the sump pit.

To avoid clogs in your sump pump, it is important to regularly inspect and clean out the sump pit. This should be done at least once a year, but more often if you’re in an area with a lot of rain or flooding.

You can also install a water filter in the line leading from your house to the sump pump in order to catch any sediment before it can enter and clog up the system. Finally, you should always make sure that the sump pit has adequate drainage so that water does not become stagnant.

If you remove the hoses or pipes connected to the outlet on your sump pump and find that they’re blocked up with dirt or debris, all you have to do is clean them out and put them back in place. Simple as that!

Sump Pump Making Noises

A noisy sump pump can be caused by several different issues such as loose screws or parts rubbing against each other due to wear and tear over time. You can try tightening any loose screws and parts before calling a professional if needed.

Also, make sure that all hoses are properly connected and not clogged with debris or sediment buildup which could restrict water flow and cause noise during operation. 

You may also want to check for any air bubbles in the discharge line which can cause gurgling noises when they escape into the basin below. 

This is usually caused by an obstruction in the line so make sure nothing is blocking it before trying any DIY solutions like using a funnel to remove any air bubbles from escaping into the basin below. 

Sump Pump Overheating

One of the most common causes of overheating is lack of maintenance or improper installation in areas where temperatures exceed what’s recommended for safe operation. Make sure your unit is installed away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators, furnaces etc.

Always double check all hoses to see if they are connected tightly without any kinks or blockages that may restrict water flow and cause overheating during operation. 

Also, be sure that all components including float switches are kept clean and free of debris so they don’t interfere with proper operation either.

Sump Pump Burn Out

If your sump pump has burnt out, you may need to replace it right away. The first step is to make sure that there is no power to the sump pump by disconnecting it from the circuit breaker. Once disconnected, you will need to identify the type of sump pump you have, as this will determine what type of replacement you need.

If your sump pump is a pedestal model, you can usually find a new one that looks similar in size and shape to the old one. If it’s a submersible model, you will need to measure the size and shape, paying attention to the type of switch that is needed, as well as the voltage requirements.

Sump Pump Failure Due to Old Age

Is your sump pump more than 10 years old? It may be time to consider replacing it. Over time, seals can wear out, motors can fail, and switches can become faulty. Sump pumps that are not well-maintained can fail prematurely.

Even if your sump pump is relatively new, it’s wise to inspect it regularly to make sure that the seals are tight and the float switch is working properly. 

If you notice any signs of wear or damage, you may need to call for sump pump installation & repair Schaumburg IL immediately since it may be close to failure.

Defective Drainage System

A dysfunctional drainage system can lead to a variety of problems, including sump pump failure. If your sump pump is failing, it won’t be able to move water away from your home or business, and it could cause flooding in your basement. To prevent this, you’ll need to identify and address the issue with your sump pump.

Your drainage system should be inspected for any potential problems that could cause your sump pump to fail. Some of the most common issues include a clogged or blocked sump pump, a clogged or blocked drain line, insufficient power supply to the sump pump, a damaged motor, an overfilled basin, or a check valve that isn’t working correctly.

Incorrect Installation

What could go wrong if your sump pump is incorrectly installed? Well, everything! Improperly installed sump pumps can lead to all sorts of problems, from flooding and water damage to the foundation of your home, to health and safety issues.

So what should be done?  

First, it’s important to ensure that you select the right sump pump for your home. This should be based on the size of your home, the amount of rainfall and water in your area, and the type of soil you have.

Once you have selected the right sump pump, you need to install it properly. This includes ensuring that your sump pit is the correct size and depth, that all components are secured and the pump is connected properly to a power source. 

It’s also important to ensure that the sump pump is installed at an angle and the discharge pipe is directed away from the house and into a dry well or drain field.

This should be done by a professional contractor in sump pump installation & repair Schaumburg IL. With their help, everything will be done correctly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about any potential problems.

Not only is proper installation important for the functioning of your sump pump, but it’s also important to maintain your sump pump regularly. This includes testing the pump and cleaning out any debris that could be preventing it from running correctly.

Proper maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your sump pump running smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifespan! 

Of course, if you find yourself unable to solve these issues on your own then don’t hesitate to call in a professional who specializes in diagnosing and repairing sump pumps – they know their stuff.  

Keep these tips handy just in case something goes wrong down in your basement – better safe than sorry!

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