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Budget-Friendly Frozen/Burst Pipe Repair in Elk Grove Village, IL

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Frozen/Burst Pipe Repair

We have over 17+ years of experience serving customers, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.

We often see the results of this situation in the form burst or split pipes year-round! Sometimes, we get a call from a client that starts to use a hose faucet to water the lawn in May that finds a basement being flooded. At Stellar Plumbing, we have pipe thawing equipment to help get water supply piping thawed out. We can then repair or replace any piping that may have burst as a result of being frozen (the piping can expand and become split or separated from fittings when it is frozen). Perhaps most importantly, we can try to help you prevent this from happening again! All too often, we find piping that is run in a poorly insulated chase, or along an outside wall. We can see if there is a way to reroute the line or insulate it. Years ago, builders installed to shut off and drain valves for exterior hose faucets. It was common practice for a homeowner to shut off the water supply to the hose faucet and drain the water from it. Since that time, hose faucets have come along to save the builder money and the homeowner from having to do this simple maintenance. However, we are still believers in installing shut off and drain valves along with the frost-resistant valves. Let us upgrade your valve to protect it from freezing.

Stellar Frozen or Burst Pipe Repair

Our goal with frozen pipes is another part of our philosophy of repairing what is broken, and preventing it from happening again!