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Drain Tile Installation & Repair

We have over 17+ years of experience serving customers, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.


There are some big names out there that specialize in Seepage/Drain tile systems, but nearly all of the systems that we have seen installed leave something to be desired! When it comes to protecting your home from water damage due to seepage water, you do not want ANY shortcuts taken. Some of the things that I have seen, compared to what we include with our system in blue, include…

  • Using a shallow sump pump basin. This reduces capacity and increases pump cycling, leading to shorter pump life. We use 36 inch deep basins on our standard systems so there is enough room to properly install the pump and back up pump, and so that those pumps will cycle less.
  • Very low-quality sump pump and/or back up pump systems. Again, you do not want a cheap, low-quality pump that will not perform when it is needed. Many back up systems that a lot of the popular drain tile companies use are truly terrible, and can not keep up with a heavy load should you lose power or should the main pump fail. Our pump systems are of very high quality. In fact, the backup pump is the same model as the primary pump. In addition, unlike most other systems, both pumps are exercised regularly. Both pumps will automatically operate if the demand is needed. There are options that allow you to monitor and test the pumps from an app on your phone-a great idea if you travel!
  • Use of corrugated plastic piping underground. This can deform in shape when the perimeter trench that is part of the system is backfilled, and we have seen many cases where the slope of the piping is improper, leading to obstructions within the system. We use high-quality SDR type piping, which allows proper uniform pitch, retains its shape properly, and is wrapped in a protective sock material prior to backfilling. We also install cleanout points, which we almost never find in competing systems, to make the future inspection and cleaning easy.
  • Incorrect or less than ideal gravel size. Some companies use very small pea gravel, which can enter the piping system and cause issues with the pump, and does not allow enough space in between stones for proper drainage. We use number 10 or similar stone-large enough to allow proper water flow, small enough to compact well.
  • Lack of a check valve or a low-quality check valve. Lack of a check valve in the pump discharge means increased pump cycling, leading to decreased pump life. And in most installations that we have seen that use a check valve, that valve is very low quality-meaning it may not last as long as it should and is excessively loud. We use a shut-off valve to make servicing the check valve and pump easy. We also use quiet type check valves-built to a high standard of quality for years of reliable service, and, as the name implies, opens and shuts very quietly.
  • Low warranty, often of just one year! We warranty our systems for three years, parts and labor, and that includes the pump and check valves, not just the piping! We also cover our workmanship for life to be free of defects.

If you have seepage issues, let Stellar Plumbing install your new system! We can help get permits for the work, and work with villages and cities that may be offering to pay for all or part of a system! We can also help provide financing!

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